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Alarm systems

Alarm systems are a crucial element in ensuring the safety of both people and property, especially in our absence. However, to have full confidence that the system will function efficiently and reliably in times of danger, it is always advisable to seek the services of professionals. Experienced installers of alarm systems can guarantee that the installation will be carried out with utmost professionalism.

Why trust the specialists? Because an experienced alarm system installer will not only install the equipment but also ensure its proper configuration. This ensures that the system operates optimally, providing effective protection. A professional can tailor the system to individual needs and conditions, which is crucial for its effectiveness.

Choosing an experienced alarm system installer is an investment in peaceful sleep and the assurance that our property and loved ones are in safe hands. It’s a decision that translates to the effectiveness and reliability of the alarm system. Therefore, entrusting the installation and configuration of the system to the professionals at ALTECH is a wise choice, given their knowledge and experience in this field.

CCTV video surveillance

Installing industrial surveillance cameras is a task worth entrusting to an experienced and professional company. Carefully conducted installation of industrial cameras, recorders, and the entire CCTV monitoring infrastructure is crucial for effectively securing the supervised area. The safety of a business, warehouse, industrial facilities, as well as other commercial locations, and the protection of private properties and urban areas, depend on the appropriate approach of owners and managers to the CCTV monitoring subject.

Our services include:

  • Planning the CCTV visual system: To tailor the best solution to specific requirements, we offer a free on-site visit to accurately assess the situation.
  • Analysis of devices and the size of the recording archive: We verify the need for a recorder, disk/matrix space for data, and any peripheral systems such as UPS power backup, wireless connectivity, backup links, data backup, or device monitoring systems.
  • Camera installation: Our team of specialists handles professional installation of monitoring cameras, ensuring the perfect placement so that nothing remains beyond our field of view.
  • Configuration and installation of the CCTV system: We not only install the main components but also configure the CCTV system on client end devices such as tablets, phones, or computers, ensuring full functionality.
  • Post-implementation training: After completing the installation, we offer training to provide our clients with a complete understanding and the ability to operate the CCTV system.

Thanks to our CCTV installation and configuration services, we can help enhance the security level of any location, regardless of its nature.

cctv kamera

IP video surveillance

IP surveillance is a modern solution that offers many benefits for business owners. IP cameras record the image and stream it live to your phone or computer, providing constant control over the monitored area, regardless of your location. Installing IP cameras is easy and possible even in unconventional places due to the minimal amount of wiring.

The main advantages of IP monitoring are:

  • Integration with other systems.
  • Possibility to build large visual systems with centralized monitoring.
  • Easy expansion and compatibility with modern technologies.
  • Wired and wireless data transmission options.
  • High quality of transmitted data.
  • Access to innovative solutions such as intelligent image analysis, motion detection, and license plate identification.

With IP monitoring, you can save on costs related to a security company because cameras not only stream the image in real-time but also record it, facilitating the identification of culprits in case of incidents. If you need professional assistance with installing IP monitoring in your business, contact the ALTECH team of specialists.

instalacja kontroli dostępu - szlaban

Access control systems

Access control and time attendance systems are widely used nowadays due to their versatile applications. We offer comprehensive installation services for various access control systems. In today’s times, the priority is to ensure security while maintaining convenience at work, and access control systems enable achieving both these goals.

Access control systems allow securing various passages and premises from unauthorized individuals. They enable precise determination of who and at what time can access a specific area. These systems efficiently and effectively monitor the movement of individuals in various types of facilities, not only in offices but also in residential, commercial, and service premises.

In our offer, you will find a variety of electronic cipher locks, such as those available from renowned brands like Roger or Satel. We invite you to take advantage of our installation services to ensure not only working comfort but also maximum security.

instalacja pożarowa sap

SAP Fire Protection Systems

Fire alarm systems, abbreviated as FAS, are comprehensive installations composed of various devices that work together to ensure safety in case of a fire. Below, we present its functions and components in a more organized manner:
  • Recording signals indicating an increased risk of fire.
  • Alerting individuals in the building about the occurrence of a fire by emitting sound signals.
  • Automatically calling the appropriate services, such as the State Fire Service or the Plant Fire Service.
  • Notifying the person in charge of the facility about the crisis situation.
  • Limiting the spread of fire and often completely extinguishing it by activating the appropriate subsystems and devices of the fire alarm system.
  • Shutting down equipment in the facility that can be a source of ignition.
  • Facilitating the evacuation of people from the building by opening evacuation doors.
Fire alarm systems must operate automatically and continuously. Therefore, the installation of the FAS should be equipped with a separate power source (fire-resistant power supplies) that ensures the continuity of operation of all components, regardless of other installations in the building. Additionally, emergency power should be connected to provide safety in a crisis situation even in the event of power outages. Standards for fire alarm systems specify that in case of a power failure, emergency power should operate for 72 hours or 30 minutes from the alarm. To assess which batteries meet these requirements, measurements of the energy consumed by the fire alarm system are necessary and must be carried out by an electrician specialist.Components of the fire alarm system:
  • Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP): This is a key device that records and analyzes data from fire detectors and controls other elements of the system. The FACP configuration determines crisis scenarios in which the installation will be activated.
  • Detectors: These are devices that detect fires, including optical, ionization, heat/thermal, flame, linear, multisensor, and aspirating sensors, depending on the type of hazard and conditions in the facility.
  • Manual Call Points (MCP): These are red “fire” labeled buttons that can be manually activated and generate an alarm at the control panel.
  • Sirens/sounders: They emit a loud sound or verbal messages to inform people about the danger and encourage evacuation.
  • Control and Monitoring Modules: They are responsible for activating various functions of the fire alarm system, such as opening evacuation doors, turning off hazardous devices, informing rescue services and facility managers, and more.
Various elements of the fire alarm system cooperate to ensure an effective response to a fire and safe evacuation of people from the building.
instalacja bms

Building automation BMS

The most advanced solution in the field of control automation in smart buildings is the Building Management System (BMS). Its main task is to integrate all installations present in a given facility, allowing for the integration of all automatic elements into a coherent whole and convenient monitoring of their operation.

Our company from Warsaw specializes in the installation of Building Management System (BMS) automation, which primarily integrates control systems with the technical functions of the building. These functions can be divided into two main subsystems:

Power Supply and Control Subsystem:

  • Includes electrical protections and switchgear.
  • Comprises measurement installations.
  • Provides control and monitoring of various tasks.
  • Covers the wiring of power installations.
  • Handles lighting installations.
  • Is responsible for emergency power devices and systems.
  • Manages vertical and horizontal transportation.

Comfort Control Subsystem:

  • Responsible for air conditioning control.
  • Controls ventilation operation.
  • Ensures efficient heating management.
  • Controls lighting in the building.
  • Oversees audio systems.
  • Manages parking systems.
  • Handles audio-video devices.
  • Responds to changes in weather conditions.

The solutions offered by our Building Management System (BMS) automation are particularly intended for various types of facilities, such as office buildings, hotels, shopping centers, residential complexes, and hospitals.

If you are interested in the installation of BMS systems, we invite you to visit our headquarters in Tarnowskie Góry, where we will provide more detailed information on this subject.

centrala switch LAN

LAN computer networks

LAN installations in offices, server rooms, and residences are solutions that provide essential connectivity and automation. In our company, we offer comprehensive services, including setting up Patch Panels, pulling cables, and installing LAN sockets, allowing for effective distribution of LAN cables.

In many newly built houses and apartments, there is often a lack of laid and connected LAN cabling. Developers often overlook this element, but there are reasons to consider its installation. Primarily, the location of the Internet access point is usually at the entrance of the house, limiting the WiFi range. Therefore, we need a home LAN network, which allows placing the access point device in a more central location, providing better WiFi coverage throughout the house without the need for additional repeaters.

Another important reason for installing LAN networks in apartments is remote work and study, which require a stable Internet connection. In this case, wired networks are particularly beneficial, providing stability and reliability without delays. It is worth investing in LAN network installation, especially in the construction of new houses or apartment renovations.

A LAN network in offices is absolutely essential. It offers stability, speed, reliability, and facilitates management. The installation of such a network should be considered at the stage of design and adaptation of office spaces. However, the mistake lies in minimizing the number of cables, making future expansion difficult. Instead, we recommend laying a larger number of cables and using a larger switch at a central point in the server room. This simplifies management, ensures stability, and allows for the division of the network into VLANs, increasing security.

Well-organized cabling in the rack is the key to the efficiency and durability of the LAN network. It allows for easy troubleshooting, facilitates management, and ensures long-term performance. Therefore, it is worth investing time and precision in arranging cables in the server room or rack. Our company offers services for planning, implementation, and connection of LAN networks in racks, including the installation of fiber optics and terminating them with LC or SC connectors.

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