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Construction of LV and MV connections

For newly constructed buildings, both private and commercial, it is necessary to create an electrical connection leading from the ZK junction box to the building.

Our company is prepared to offer you a full range of services related to completing this task, including the creation of the electrical connection and junction, as well as the preparation of all necessary documents. This encompasses filing with the appropriate power utility, conducting required inspections and measurements, and preparing the acceptance protocol. We can handle all the necessary formalities in this regard.

Construction of cable lines

Currently, the most commonly used method for connecting buildings to the power grid is by burying the connection cables underground. Our company provides services in this area, including work related to excavating the terrain. We have our own set of machinery for carrying out these tasks.

This solution is more aesthetically pleasing than traditional overhead wires, although it requires additional protective measures due to the increased risk of cable damage, for example, from water exposure. Our company utilizes high-quality cables, adequately protected in accordance with applicable safety standards.

instalacja transformatora

Construction of transformer stations

Transformer substations play a crucial role in the process of transforming electrical energy, changing its voltage from high to medium and then to low levels. They consist of transformers responsible for these changes and switchgear, which includes switches, cables, busbars, and control-measuring equipment.

They are particularly recommended for enterprises that utilize a significant amount of electrical energy exceeding 350 MWh annually. They also provide a solution for customers in need of increasing their connection power.

Transformer substations are a key element ensuring the necessary transformation and distribution of electrical energy in complex power systems.

Our company, specializing in comprehensive projects related to transformer substations, will provide you with expert execution of this service. We operate with full commitment and attention to every detail, ensuring the efficiency and reliability of power systems.

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Construction of LV and MV overhead networks

Power lines at lower voltages, namely medium voltage (MV) and low voltage (LV), are constructed in both overhead and underground versions. The lower the voltage of the line, the higher the proportion of underground lines. Particularly in city centers where aesthetics and safety are emphasized, the majority of MV and LV lines are implemented using underground technology. Existing overhead lines are gradually being replaced by underground lines. In our company, we pay special attention to the quality of services provided, ensuring the highest quality in the construction and modernization of MV and LV lines.

For the construction of underground lines, we utilize prestressed concrete poles, ensuring not only their durability but also minimal impact on the surroundings. Overhead lines are typically placed outside heavily urbanized areas, while MV lines, especially those at lower voltages, are mainly found in rural or suburban areas.

Our company emphasizes professionalism and meticulousness in project execution, guaranteeing high-quality services in the field of energy infrastructure.

Construction of teletechnical networks - copper and fiber optics

Comprehensive plans for the placement of telecommunication cables are an essential foundation for the efficient functioning of buildings, streets, and neighborhoods. Precisely designed and strategically placed cables play a crucial role, enabling various applications. Establishing advanced telecommunication networks, such as fiber optic or telecommunication networks, relies on creating strategic nodes and connecting lines between different points on the map. These elements enable efficient transmission of data, sound, and images.

Various types of cabling are used in the process of building these networks, but the use of fiber optics, characterized by minimal signal interference, ensures the best results.

Our company specializes in comprehensive telecommunication solutions and focuses on professional planning and implementation of projects, providing efficient and reliable telecommunication infrastructure.

Construction of teletechnical sewers (technological channels)

Our offering encompasses a complete range of services, starting from design and extending to the modernization and repair of existing networks. In our portfolio, you will find diverse projects such as the construction of telecommunication ducts and fiber optic networks, fiber optic cable installation, cable splicing, and conducting measurements. Furthermore, we specialize in building main cable network routes, performing works under roads and obstacles, utilizing excavators, and carrying out drilling and installation works.

Our main priority is to ensure full professionalism, precision, and timely completion of assigned tasks. We strive to create modern, high-quality, and reliable telecommunication ducts, focusing on their maintenance, modernization, and expansion to meet the expectations of our clients.

HDD Site Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a technology based on controlled horizontal drilling. It is a variation of directional drilling and is categorized as a trenchless technology. By utilizing the latest control and measurement systems, the trajectory of the bore we execute perfectly aligns with the planned bore project. Through the use of HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) technology, we can carry out such drilling even in areas with high urban density.

Over the years, we have completed numerous complex HDD projects. Thanks to advanced technologies and experience, we can provide comprehensive solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and precision.

In our machinery park, we have equipment for conducting controlled drills (for installed pipe diameters ranging from 25 to 300 mm), including:

  • drills,
  • flushing pumps,
  • drilling pipes,
  • mixers for drilling fluid.

Pneumatic Pumping

Pneumatic thrust boring is widely used in various projects related to water, sewerage, energy, gas, and telecommunication installations. The application of this technology allows for the laying of installations using trenchless methods, eliminating the need to interfere with existing infrastructure. This innovative method avoids the necessity of excavating long trenches along the planned installation route. In reality, the process only requires two excavations: the initial one from which the entire installation begins, and the final one where we conclude our work.

Our company utilizes pneumatic moles (for installed pipe diameters ranging from 25 to 160 mm), which are particularly useful in situations where laying the installation under existing surfaces of roads, sidewalks, and other elements of transportation infrastructure is necessary.

The use of pneumatic thrust boring enables work to be carried out without the need for partial demolition and subsequent reconstruction of roads or other structures after the installation work is completed. This results in significant cost savings, which is beneficial for the project budget.

dokumenty odbioru

As-built documentation

As-built documentation plays a crucial role as confirmation of the actual progress of construction works. Its preparation is essential to properly conclude the construction process or submit an application for building occupancy permit. It serves as important evidence of how the construction works were actually carried out.

Within the scope of a construction works contract, the term “as-built documentation” generally refers to a collection of documents and elaborations that the contractor is obliged to prepare upon completion of the works to enable the investor to safely and in compliance with regulations use the newly constructed building.In practice, as-built documentation may also include:

  • Material documents related to the materials used in construction.
  • Documents concerning installed equipment, such as elevators, along with the relevant acceptances, service documents, and any materials required for registration.
  • Instructions for the proper use and maintenance of the building.O
  • ther elaborations and documents tailored to the specifics of the particular construction project.

Our company is ready to provide full support in every aspect of managing as-built documentation. Our experience and knowledge enable us to efficiently manage the documentation process, ensuring that each document is complete, compliant with regulations, and meets the highest quality standards. Thus, we provide our clients with comprehensive support at every stage of the construction project.

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