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For over 20 years, ALTECH Group has been successfully and satisfactorily providing services in the electrical power industry. During this time, alongside a skilled team of engineers and employees, we have serviced numerous projects for both private and commercial clients.

ALTECH is committed to continuous development and enhancing the qualifications of its employees to serve its customers with the highest level of available services and products. Operating regionally for 20 years, we have been a reliable partner for our clients, both today and in the years to come.

Over 20 years

A partnership approach

Our unique way of working with customers helps us build long-lasting partnerships and create technical solutions that meet the needs of both business and individual customers.
Daniel Opala
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I highly recommend, orders processed promptly, very friendly service and professional help! 👍
Joanna Wyżgoł
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Truly professional service and factual advice
Biuro Płotbud
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A company worth recommending! Service performed professionally, service at a high level!
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Cool service and fast order processing 🙂 I recommend this store!
Barbara Strange
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Full professionalism and above all super approach to the customer, competitive prices 🙂
Evelyn Świętek
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Professional and friendly service. Fast processing of orders!
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Professional service and fast order processing! I highly recommend!
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Professional service. Fast shipping. I recommend
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Professional and friendly service 🙂
Marek Bambynek
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I am super satisfied with this wholesaler. Their prices are much lower than for example Castorama . Ordering things also without a problem
Aga S
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I am satisfied with the product purchased from this company. Customer service available and willing to help
M. Wenda
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Professional and friendly service, fast shipping and delivery. Super store, highly recommend!
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Professional service and fast order processing
Piotr Quentin
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Professional approach to the customer. I have shopped at the store many times and am satisfied.
Patrycja Winiarska
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Professional advice, good equipment. I am satisfied, I recommend.
Katarzyna Preuss
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Super service And high quality I recommend ☺
Tomasz Kleszcz
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Quick implementation, friendly service. They gave good advice.
Ryszard Siegmund
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Cool remotes for Hormman, nice people, worth a look
Łukasz G
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Recommended for installation of PV systems
Miroslaw Szostak
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Well-stocked store-wholesaler
Antek Maciejowski
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The company is solid but doesn't meet deadlines very well. The gentleman apologized and was fine. Slippage forgiven but a star five I will not give 😉
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I recommend, well and efficiently performed services.
Monika Sss
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Store and service at a sensational level. I highly recommend.
Arkadiusz Grzegrzółka
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Great contact and sensational approach to the customer. The matter was handled promptly and without a whine despite my mistake. I recommend
Roland Fojcik
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Professional approach to the customer. Merchandise, shipping as well as delivery time flawless. I recommend.
Korbut Wiesław
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Super fast delivery, consistent with the order, friendly service - RECOMMEND.
Agnieszka Szymanowska
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Goods as described, good quality. Nice, helpful store staff. I recommend

Among our clients are well-known brands such as:

HEMARPOL, INTERCOLOR, ECOPORT, DOMAX; prestigious academic institutions – Jerzy Kukuczka Academy of Physical Education in Katowice; and highly specialized medical facilities – Silesian Center for Heart Diseases in Zabrze, are among our clients.
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Thanks to our deep understanding of modern technologies and stringent standards, we are the first choice for clients who value quality and reliability. Our ability to identify potential challenges and deliver innovative solutions sets us apart.

Our skills, backed by years of experience, form a solid foundation of our operations. Not only do we have a long history of working in this field, but we also have a rich diversity of projects that we have successfully handled. It is this diversity that allows us to flexibly and individually address the unique needs of each client.

By choosing us, you’re not only choosing experience but also an advanced approach to electrical installations. Contact us, and we’ll assist you in achieving your goals and ensuring the reliability of your installation. Our company is a guarantee of quality and professionalism.

Quality and professionalism -
Our company,

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What do you gain by choosing ALTECH?

Cooperation with experienced professionals

We closely cooperate with outstanding designers and experienced managers who possess key credentials in the field of design and construction. Additionally, our professionals are engaged in creating modern projects in the field of photovoltaics and heat pumps.

Network of industry contacts

Our extensive network of contacts in the construction industry enables support at various stages of work related to the construction and modernization of buildings for various purposes. Thanks to this, we can provide solutions in line with current standards and trends.

A trusted source for professional solutions

We are a team that not only focuses on providing the highest quality services but also on offering comprehensive support at every stage of the project. Utilize our broad expertise to ensure your plans are carried out efficiently and in line with expectations.

Start your new project with ALTECH Groupa.

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